Hello beautiful and patient people…it’s been a while hasn’t it?

There have been a handful of the 2,400 + of you (paypal backers included) who thought we had dropped off the face of the earth and assumed this project has fallen to the wayside. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth, as we are alive, well and have been extremely busy on our end!

Where the hell have you folks been!?

SO BUSY!!! For those of you who remembered or cared about our last update at the end of January, we announced very specifically to be patient with us as we would not update until we had all of our ducks in a row in regards to launching the pilot. That meant making sure we would not again prematurely announce when the backers could see the pilot, only for another delay or unexpected set-back to happen that would derail our roll-out plan (Like what happened with the Teaser trailer). At that time, we were still knee-deep in the tail-end of post-production. We actually didn’t finish Japanese production until April. But then some unexpected & exciting things happened, which opened the door to some incredible opportunities and that process delayed things a bit more. We can’t reveal exactly what just yet, but lets just say Makestuff & Satelight has gained a few allies along the way, and the delay was worth it ( And trust me they are GOOD things) which we believe will hopefully make this more than just a crowd-funded pilot experience.^^


Email requests to backers for shipping information will be sent out starting this week for backer rewards. We’ve noticed a handful of you mentioning that you have changed your addresses. This is common and not a problem. We will finally begin reaching out to you (Paypal backers included) to make sure you’ve updated your information so that once the backer rewards are ready to go, we can get you your goods. Please be patient, we have not forgotten you!

So when can we expect to see the Pilot?

We’re proud to announce that Cannon Busters: The animated pilot will be delivered to you July 8th!!!!! That’s 5 DAYS FROM NOW. 😀

But before we do that, fresh off the rendering block, we present to you the 90 second, Official trailer for Cannon Busters, the animated Pilot! The crew at Satelight, Makestuff ( and NYAVPost) are excited to share with you an exclusive peek into the wild & wacky world that creator/director LeSean Thomas has cooked up, followed by the official roll-out this coming Friday. We promise it will be fun and entertaining!

Don’t hesitate to hit the Cannon Busters Twitter accountLeSean Thomas and any of the staff members you know online what you think, while we get things under way for Friday July 8th! Thanks so much for sticking around with us this long. It’s taken us a while to get this together and we hope you have as much fun watching it as we did making it!